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Cummins Development in China


The cooperation between Cummins and China began in 1975, when the first time the chairman of Cummins, Mr Elvin visited China, the became one of the first American entrepreneurs to seek business cooperation in china. Under the visionary guidance of Mr Elvin, Cummins continuous increase investment, deepen cooperation with local strategic partner in the past 30 years, thus become China’s leading enterprises in the field of diesel engine industry.
In 1979, at the beginning of China reform and opening up, the first Cummins office in China was established in Beijing. In 1981, Cummins signed a license agreement with Sinotruck Group, which become one of the earliest foreign-funded enterprises in china. Since then, Cummins has been committed to establish strategic cooperation with large enterprises, including Dongfeng Corporation.
At present Cummins has invested more than two hundred and forty million in China, as the largest foreign investor in diesel engine industry, Cummins own 14 joint ventures and wholly-owned manufacturing enterprises in China, produce engines, turbochargers, filters, exhaust systems, fuel systems, AC generators etc.. There are 8 Cummins engine series have been produced in China accordance with Cummins strict global quality standards.
Cummins has established the complete customer service network in China by ten regional service centers and more than 230 authorized distributors and service providers. By the end of 2006, there are over one million Cummins engines put into use in China market.
China now has become one of the fastest growing overseas markets for Cummins in the world. Cummins turnover is over 1 billion US dollar in 2006, which is the third year in a row over 1 billion, also it’s one of the Cummins largest and fastest growing overseas markets in the world.

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